WORKSHOP ON INTERACTIVE DIGITAL TV  in conjunction with III Jornadas Iberoamericanas de difusión y capacitación sobre Aplicaciones y Usabilidad de la TVDI da RedAUTI (jAUTI 2014) The Workshop on Interactive Digital TV (WTVDI) had its first edition in eighteenth SIBGRAP in 2005 and its second edition in 2010 in the sixteenth Webmedia. The III WTVDI will be held during the Webmedia 2014 from 18 to 21 November 2014 in João Pessoa (Paraíba, Brazil). The event aims to present research efforts in academia, industry or government agencies from academia and industry in design, development, and usability of Digital TV applications and related technologies (IPTV, SmartTV, Connected TV, and Web TV). In addition to the paper presentation and discussion sessions, III WTVDI provide support to III Jornadas Iberoamericanas de difusión y capacitación sobre Aplicaciones y Usabilidad de la TVDI (jAUTI 2014), an annual meeting of Red temática en Aplicaciones y Usabilidad de la Television digital Interactiva (RedAUTI / CYTED). It will be an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences with researchers of this intercontinental network.

Red temática en Aplicaciones y Usabilidad de la Television digital Interactiva

Red temática en Aplicaciones y Usabilidad de la Television digital Interactiva

Instructions to authors Authors are invited to submit research or technical papers presenting ongoing or completed work, previously unpublished work and that have not been simultaneously submitted to any other forum (conference or journal). Papers may be related (but not limited) to deployment, technologies, products or services on Digital Interactive TV or others similar technologies (IPTV, SmartTV, MobileTV, Connected etc). Papers should be 6 to 8 pages (minimum 6 pages, maximum 8 pages) and can be written in English, Portuguese or Spanish, and should be formatted according to the ACM template. Submissions must be in only PDF formats through the EasyChair conference system. All submissions will be peer-reviewed by the program committee. Selected papers will be presented during the workshop and published as a volume of Webmedia 2014 proceedings. At least one author per paper is required to register and attend the conference to present the paper if accepted for publication Program chairs

María José Abásolo (UNLP, Argentina)
Jorge Trinidad Ferraz de Abreu (UA, Portugal)
Raoni Kulesza (UFPB, Brasil)
Cosete Castro (UCB, Brasil)
Guido Lemos (UFPB, Brasil)

Program Committee (in formation)

Ailyn Febles Estrada (UCI, Cuba)
Alfredo Alfonso (UNQ, Argentina)
Carlos de Castro Lozano (UCO, Espanha)
Carlos Galve Pellicero (EVERIS ARAGON SLU., Espanha)
Claudia Zea Restrepo (EAFIT, Colombia)
Cosette Castro (UCB, Brasil)
Eduardo Garcia Salcines (CPMTI, Espanha)
Fernando Fuente-Alba Cariola (UCSC, Chile)
Francisco Jose Perales Lopez (UIB, Espanha)
Francisco Montero Simarro (UCLM, Espanha)
Gisela María Martínez Hernández (CNICM-INFOMED, Cuba)
Gonzalo Auza  (ICC, Argentina)
Gonzalo Fernando Olmedo Cifuentes (ESPE, Equador)
Graciela Santos (UNCPBA, Argentina)
Guido Lemos de Souza Filho (UFPB, Brasil)
Hernan Astudillo Rojas (UTFSM, Chile)
Iván Marcelo Bernal Carrillo (EPN, Equador)
Javier García Carreño (TMIR Solutions, Espanha)
Jorge Eduardo Guaman Jaramillo (UTPL, Equador)
Jose Luis Arciniegas Herrera (UNICAUCA, Colombia)
Josemar Rodrigues de Souza (UNEB, Brasil)
Juan Zangaro (ITV, Uruguai)
Lucila Maria Costi Santarosa (UFRGS, Brasil)
Marco Antonio Mayorga Montoya (PUCP, Peru)
María José Abásolo (UNLP, Argentina)
María Lorena Paz (INSPT-UTN, Argentina)
Mauro Germán Cambarieri (UNRN, Argentina)
Nelson Alexander Perez Garcia (ULA, Venezuela)
Pablo Rodriguez-Bocca (UDELAR, Uruguai)
Raoni Kulesza (UFPB, Brasil)
Rocael Hernandez Rizzardini (UG, Guatemala)
Sandra Baldassarri (UZ, Espanha)
Sandra Isabel Casas (UNPA, Argentina)
Santiago Fernandez Zumaquero (SYMBIAIT IT S.L., Espanha)
Xabiel Garcia Pañeda (UNIOVI, Espanha)

Important Dates

Submission deadline: August 29, September 15, 2014
Author notification: September, 30, 2014
Camera-ready paper: October 15, 2014

Topics of interest

Interactive storyboads Authoring tools Interactive content automatic generation Broadcasting tools Guideline to interactive content production Usability and user experience Accessibility and multimodal interaction Web Content Search and Adaptation for Digital TV Interactive content and Social networks Interactive content and home networks Interactive content and converged networks Content personalization and context aware content Enrichment content User-generated content Search and recommendation systems Electronic Programming Guide (EPG, ECG, ESG) Immersive content and augmented reality 3D Digital TV UHD (4K, 8K) Digital TV Middleware and extensions Business Models to Digital TV Standards and recommendation Implantation processes of Digital TV Regulatory and socio-political aspects Social inclusion, Digital Inclusion and Digital TV.